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Comfortably Numb started off as a vlog channel in YouTube back in 2015. The creator of the channel, Ross Beller who was working as a harbor pilot at that time. In the channel, Beller talked about cycling and other sports. He was an avid cyclist and despite not going pro like he wanted to, he contributed to the sports in a different way.

Beller uploaded daily videos of himself analyzing sports or to be more exact, as a cycling analyst.

2016 When it all Started

After more than a year after he started his YouTube page, he caught the attention of several sports organizations and they’ve asked him to become a local sports analyst as he has a keen take on different sports and players.

In 2016, Beller had a bigger online platform when Comfortably Numb was converted into a sports marketing and analytics website. In it, Beller singlehandedly produced written and video content. Beller mostly sticks to cycling but he has also expanded to different sports including Canada’s most popular, ice hockey. He tackled individual and team sports news.

In 2018, Comfortably Numb had more than 13,000 followers reading published posts and daily news.

Comfortably Numb Today

Comfortably Numb today is one of the biggest marketing and analysis sports websites in Canada. It produces both written and video content talking about the biggest milestones in sports.


The website has been featured in different sporting publications both offline and online in Canada and the United States. That is possible because of the amazing team of sports analysts and writers working with us. All of them are knowledgeable in different sports and activities. Don’t forget to subscribe today.