Biggest Sports News Worldwide

With the world still grasping for breath from the Covid-19 pandemic, the world of sports is slowly getting back onto its feet. With major leagues and organizations resuming sports again, sports fans all over the globe have something to be excited about in sports.

Here are the biggest updates in the world of sports today.

Tour de France Lock and Loaded

When the pandemic disrupted the world and everything with it, millions of fans of the grand Tour de France were devastated by the idea of its cancellation. However, bright spots are on their way as the biggest bicycle race in the world is slated to be held this year.

Organizers and participants, including the best riders are optimistic. The French government is doing everything in its power working with the organizers to make sure a Covid-safe tour as much as possible. Don’t get us wrong though, there are still chances that the tour won’t happen. However, there are at this point in time clear indications that it will.

There has been a recent surge in infection rate in France but compared to March and April, the country managed to greatly minimize the contagion.

Kobe Bryant Day

After his devastating and shocking death on January 26, 2020, NBA legend Kobe Bryant’s memory lives on. Just recently, the Orange County, California is planning to declare August 24 as officially Kobe Bryant’s day.

The date is according to his jersey numbers 8 and 24 with the Los Angeles Lakers where he won 5 NBA championships.

Racial Equality Movement in Global Sports

After a chain of tragedies rooted from racism rocked the United States, athletes, organizations, and leagues from all over the globe are uniting to fight for racial equality. The global movement sparked after the horrifying death of African-American George Floyd by the hands of the police in Minnesota back on May 25, 2020.

Athletes all over the globe are joining the movement with many of them writing the word “Equality” in the back of their jerseys. In the US, athletes including NBA superstar Lebron James kneeling during the singing of the US national anthem.

These are the latest sports news to monitor throughout.